GLAMAZON PICTURES, based in Toronto Canada, unites the dynamic- duo Courtney Graham and Melanie Windle, in a newly formed, full service film and television production company. Committed to producing strong stories and characters- real and imagined, Glamazon Pictures focuses on challenging, edgy, and powerful work for audiences in international and domestic markets. We have a keen eye for discovering hot emerging talents, and a dedication to developing their work. We also aim to bring distinctive female voices and perspectives to the screen. Always open to uniting with other creative dynamos, Glamazon Pictures is currently seeking international producing partners and artistic collaborators.

Courtney Graham and Melanie Windle met in 2009 at the Canadian Film Centre's Producers Lab. Recognizing a shared dedication to story development, high production values, and a tireless work ethic, they produced their first film together; the award winning short film, Kill Brass. In 2013 they joined forces again to guide the City Life Film Project's emerging talent, and produced three short films Happy 1 Year, Disconnection, and The Night Session. Under the Glamazon Pictures banner they are developing numerous commercial properties at various budget levels featuring acclaimed talents in film, television and digital platforms.

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